Dead by Daylight killer invades For Honor in a creepy Halloween event

For Honor is crossing over with Dead by Daylight to celebrate Halloween, sending forth a seasoned killer to stalk medieval warriors.

The Survivors of the Fog limited-time event introduces a new Survivors game mode as its centerpiece: Survivors takes place in a creepy environment "based in Dead by Daylight's universe," and while it still uses the standard 4v4 team setup, it replaces all those easily slaughtered NPC minions with one lurking Trapper who plans to do all the slaughtering.

Just like his appearance in Dead by Daylight, the Trapper can scatter bear traps around the environment to immobilize his quarry, strike them down with his cleaver, and hoist them onto gruesome meat hooks positioned around the map. Warriors, er, survivors can fight the Trapper into temporary submission, assuming they don't get too caught up in big team fights to notice him picking them off one by one.

The Survivors of the Fog event will run from Thursday, October 21 to Thursday, November 11, and during that time players will be able to unlock a bunch of different rewards including a new outfit, effect, and ornament from the free event pass - you'll also be able to pick up Dead by Daylight-themed executions and outfits through the in-game shop.

Considering the fact that For Honor and Dead by Daylight are made by two completely separate companies, this is a very special seasonal treat for fans of both games. It's also probably more feasible than giving swords and axes to the survivors in Dead by Daylight and seeing what happens.

Speaking of crossovers perfect for Halloween, Dead by Daylight recently added Pinhead from Hellraiser as a playable killer.

Connor Sheridan

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