De Palma for Paranormal Activity 2?

With Saw VI director Kevin Greutert cruelly wrenched from the project after Lionsgate demanded he return for another gory Saw sequel, the Paranormal Activity 2 directing gig is still up for grabs.

But who to take on the role? Well, how about Brian De Palma? The director has been linked to the micro-budget sequel, which would be a return to his Carrie roots for some old-fashioned, gradual build scares.

A couple of other directors are bothering his potential future with the film, though. The Machinist ’s Brad Anderson and Wolf Creek ’s Greg McLean are also reported contenders for the director’s chair.

With Paranormal Activity 2 opening in cinemas on 22 October (in direct competition with Greutert’s Saw VII ), somebody better make a decision fast.

Is De Palma a good fit?