DC wants to make Angel Breaker its next big superhero

Angel Breaker
Angel Breaker (Image credit: DC)

DC just pulled off the old switcharoo.

Earlier this year the publisher introduced the new assassin character Angel Breaker in what appeared to be a villainous role in the Batman crossover storyline Shadow War.

The mysterious character was introduced as an agent of Talia al Ghul's villainous League of Shadows, but was also an estranged protégé of Black Canary and Ghost-Maker.

But it turns out her loyalty was not at all what it seemed, and her time mentoring under Talia might have served a greater, heroic purpose.

And oh yeah, she has ties to the Wildstorm-WildC.A.T.s character Zealot as well.

a page from Shadow War Zone #1 (Image credit: DC)

In the story 'Forged' as part of the Wildstorm 30th Anniversary anthology special, writer Joshua Williamson (who created Angel Breaker for May's Shadow War Zone #1 special), artist Jonboy Meyers, colorist Sebastian Cheng, and letterer Wes Abbott pick up her storyline, revealing she was also the ancient alien warrior Zealot's protégé.

The story begins with them as battling adversaries, with Zealot accusing Angel Breaker of betraying her trust and stealing a powerful mystical sword called Angel Breaker (that the new character takes her name from) from her.

As they fight, Zealot fills readers in on the backstory - that the sword that Zealot carried for thousands of years was 'forged' on her homeworld to fight an unknown bloody war in the future, and that it has the ability to turn a turn the "might of an enemy back on them."

Zealot also reveals she found whoever Angel Breaker really is lost and homeless with no memories of her past, trained her, and after Angel Breaker stole the sword, she sought out training with other DC "fighters" including Black Canary, Ghost-Maker, and Talia.

Long story short, Angel Breaker then reveals she didn't really betray Zealot, but instead the sword spoke to her and told her there was a great danger coming that she had to face alone and that she needed to train with the Earth's "greatest sisters" to get prepared. 

a page from the Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special #1 (Image credit: DC)

The sword eventually confirms the story to Zealot, which she accepts, and agrees Angel Breaker will become a "great weapon." She then tells Angel Breaker she needs to find more mentors, revealing a shortlist of "sister" DC stars (as seen here) - Katana, Hawkgirl, Cheetah, Big Barda, Catwoman, Starfire, Batgirl, and last but of course not least, Wonder Woman.

Williamson doesn't offer any clues as to where Angel Breaker's story continues, but with a line-up like that, it appears DC (and probably Williamson himself) have some pretty big plans for her.

The Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special #1 is on sale November 29. 

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