DC reveals six Batman: Three Jokers Jason Fabok variants

(Image credit: DC)

DC Black Label's upcoming three-issue limited series Batman: Three Jokers may focus on the Clown Prince of Crime's three most recognizable incarnations, but its just-announced variant covers, some of which are seen in the gallery below, will expand that roster significantly.

The story, first set up in 2016's 'Darkseid War' just prior to the implementation of the current Rebirth era of the DC Universe, focuses on the true identity of the Joker – or, the three separate incarnations of the Joker, seemingly different people altogether, as the title implies. Batman first learned that there were "three Jokers" when he sat on the Moebius Chair, a cosmic artifact which gives those who sit on it access to all the knowledge of the universe.

(Image credit: DC)

The nine variant covers – three for each issue – feature different incarnations of Joker from across different eras of DC history, all paying homage to the style of Fabok's main covers for the series.

The variant covers come at a lower buy-in than other premium variants DC has offered, with DC offering the variants individually as a regular catalog item. There's also a tenth variant cover, compiling all nine variant covers, that will be available to retailers who stock at least 50 copies of each variant – 450 comics total. Those comics will count toward buy-in totals for the 1:25 and 1:100 variant covers for the series.

"This is a new and exciting initiative that will give you and your customers a unique item similar to a retailer exclusive cover, but at a lower buy-in cost," said Nancy Spears, VP, Sales. "If this program does well, we will look for more opportunities like it in the future."

Here are the planned variants for DC Black Label's Batman: Three Jokers:

Batman: Three Jokers #1 (August 26)

  • Red Hood (Variant A)
  • Joker Fish (Variant B) Joker Bomb (Variant C)
  • Joker Bomb (Variant C)

Batman: Three Jokers #2 (September 30):

  • Joker Behind Bars (Variant D)
  • Death in the Family/Top Hat & Monocle (Variant E)
  • Joker Applying Makeup (Variant F)

Batman: Three Jokers #3, (October 28):

  • Batman: The Killing Joke Hawaiian shirt and camera (Variant G)
  • Stand-Up Comedian (Variant H)
  • "Endgame" Mohawk (Variant I)

Check out all six covers DC has released so far in the gallery below. 

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