DC brings Batman, Zatanna and Vixen webcomics to print

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Three of DC's ongoing webcomic collaborations with WEBTOON are seeing a print release later in the year. Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, Vixen: NYC and Zatanna & the Ripper will each be published as collected editions this Fall.

DC first teamed up with mobile comics platform WEBTOON back in September 2021 to create stories designed to appeal to fans of all ages, beginning with Batman: Wayne Family Adventures by CRC Payne and StarBite. 

The weekly series, which sees Bruce Wayne and his extended family juggling crime fighting with everyday life, has notched up an impressive 76 million views and was nominated for an Eisner Award. The print edition collects episodes 1–25 and is available August 1.

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Also available that day is Vixen: NYC by Jasmine Walls and lead artist Manou Azumi. The series follows the young Mari Jiwe as she moves to the big city to start college, unaware that she's being pursued by her deadly distant relative, General Maksai. The print edition collects issues 1–9.

Zatanna & the Ripper by Sarah Dealy and lead artist Syro follows on October 3. The series finds the 21-year-old Zatanna blasted back in time to London in the 1800s. Her only way back is to solve the infamous Jack the Ripper murders. The print edition collects episodes 1–11. 

“Fans can’t get enough of our DC and WEBTOON content,” said DC's senior vice president and general manager, Anne DePies. “Expanding DC’s creative partnership with WEBTOON into print with books like Batman: Wayne Family Adventures reflects this demand. Each page of these new volumes is meticulously reproduced to be read seamlessly in book narrative format." 

A fourth series, Red Hood: Outlaws by Patrick R Young and Nico Bascuñán, began last year but there's no word so far on when or if that series will also make it to print.

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