DC and Webtoon partner to bring DC superheroes to 75 million mobile users

DC and Webtoon Entertainment, Inc.
(Image credit: DC / Webtoon Entertainment, Inc.)

DC and Webtoon Entertainment, Inc., a digital webcomic platform specifically formatted for vertical mobile viewing, will be collaborating on a creative partnership that will involve several, standalone webcomics series involving its superhero properties, what the publisher calls "unique explorations of the DC Universe."

However, keeping with DC's more recent position on continuity, the publisher made it a point to add the webcomics will be created to "appeal to all fans, without the need to know or read any previous stories."

The announcement was light on additional details, promising them along with information about local language translations in the coming weeks. 

However, you can probably bet Batman will be involved

According to Webtoon's CEO Ken Kim in the announcement, its digital platform can serve as a bridge for DC's iconic superhero properties to its "huge worldwide audience of young comics fans."

"The potential to express famous IP through our platform, which is mobile native and focused on ease of access – is super exciting," he says.

DC general manager Daniel Cherry III says the publisher will reach a new generation of fans worldwide through the partnership, and it is working closely with Webtoon writers and artists to adapt its characters to the platform's mobile format 

"Our shared goal is to create fun and compelling DC stories that all readers will enjoy," says Cherry. "This partnership is yet another example of DC's ambition to 'meet fans where ever they are' and continue sharing DC fandom."

Founded in 2004 by South Korea's Naver Corporation, the platform has an estimated base of 72 million users worldwide and is one of two dominant platforms in the space along with its competitor Kakao Corp. who DC has released webcomics with since 2019. 

It is not clear how DC's new partnership with Webtoon will affect the availability of its comics on Kakao. 

Webtoon also publishes webcomics based on Marvel Comics properties like Black Widow. 

"This collaboration is a landmark for us as we work toward a new age of digital comics in the US," said David Lee, head of content at Webtoon Entertainment. "We're so happy to introduce long-beloved DC characters to our service – and we're looking forward to sharing more details soon."

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