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Days Gone is a post-apocalyptic PS4 adventure from Syphon Filter devs

If you have room in your heart for another tragic tale in the post-apocalypse, Sony Bend Studios has a new game for you. The Syphon Filter developer revealed Days Gone at Sony's E3 press conference, teasing the tale of a lonely biker turned bounty hunter and mercenary.

Update: Sony followed up the reveal trailer with a few minutes of gameplay footage, starting off with our, er, "hero" pursuing a bounty on a dirt bike. Creeping along and lifting an engine part to use as a suppressor, he eventually finds the target - just as he's fighting off the first of a massive horde of zombies.

The chase continues, but it quickly turns into a case of survival rather than mercenary work. The biker retreats while cutting down swathes of zombies but more keep coming - and it doesn't look too hopeful at the end. Hopefully it goes better when you're playing it yourself.

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