Days Gone celebrates its one year anniversary with a look at how players have spent their time with it

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With Days Gone turning a year old, Bend Studio has revealed what players have gotten up to over the past year.

The developer took to Twitter to release some wide-ranging stats about the time players have spent in last year's Golden Joystick award winner for best storytelling. 

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Players have clearly had no qualms about spending their time with Deacon and co over the past 12 months, as more than 200 million hours of playing time has been clocked up. 

If you haven't joined those players, Das Gone is a post-apocalyptic adventure that sees gamers hop on a motorbike and let loose on the Broken Road, where they fend off ‘Freakers’ as they travel through a decimated, yet scenic, Oregon.

How scenic is the game? Well, players let their inner photographers make the most of the mountainous backdrops and vast forests in the game, as more than a million have made use of the game’s photo mode. On top of that, Bend also highlighted that more than 400 million collectables have been found by eagle-eyed fans, while 12.5 million challenges have been taken on and completed. 

To round it off, 100 million trophies have been won and players have clearly dedicated hours and attention to the experiences of Deacon and his motley crew. As GamesRadar reported back in November, the possibility of a Days Gone 2 is looking pretty likely - although given the impact Coronavirus is having on the gaming industry, it’s safe to say that planning and development on this has probably slowed down as of late.

In the meantime, while we wait for more word on a sequel, players can rev up their motorbike once again, keep on mowing down hordes of Freakers and documenting it all on that clearly much-loved photo mode.

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