David Bradley's Picks Of 2009

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Dave Bradley
SFX Editor

Favourite Film Of 2009

JJ Abrams delivers a shiny, bumper budget Hollywood action reboot which pleases all but the most die-hard Trekkers. The pre-credit space battle brings a genuine lump to my throat every time I see it.

Favourite Book Of 2009
BEST SERVED COLD (Joe Abercrombie)

Brilliantly brutal tale of revenge set in the same universe as his First Law books - less emphasis on magic but all the moral ambiguity you expect, plus it's a standalone fantasy so it's a great launch pad to get into his work.

Favourite British TV Show Of 2009

So much fun and such loveable characters, coupled with high production values and jousting scenes that rival those seen on the big screen.

Favourite US TV Show Of 2009

It's tough to decide whether the Buy More scenes or the spy escapades are the best parts of this never-dull spoof secret agent show.

Best New TV Show Of 2009

Mix equal parts Being Human, Smallville, Heroes and Skins, add a generous helping of black humour, toss in the f-word and shake well. Serve with creatively edited pop music.

Favourite Videogame Of 2009

It's like Oblivion, but made by the people behind Knights Of The Old Republic. And it has Claudia Black in it.

Personal Highlights of 2009:

It's a nice treat to be invited to a small after-cinema drinks reception. It turns into the best night of your life when you suddenly discover the entire cast and crew have turned up too. It's possible I just dreamed about quaffing champagne with Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg and Karl Urban, except Nick and Ade remember it too, and there is photographic evidence.

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