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David Dobkin attached to The Flash

Just what will the new Justice League movie wrought upon the world of comic pics? If David Dobkin is to be believed, it’ll finally get the Flash movie up and, er, running.

The Flash is one of those comic book properties that have slipped through several directorial hands over the years, with the likes of Shawn Levy and David Goyer both trying to get the movie off the ground. Now David Dobkin – who most recently worked on Fred Claus, is the man that Warners wants to do the job.

And according to Dobkin, it’ll be a direct spin-off from the Justice League movie, which apparently features (spoiler alert for Flash fans!) Wally West, since the JLA film apparently opens with original Flash Barry Allen’s funeral.

Plus, while he’s best known for making Wedding Crashers and working with Adam Sandler, Dobkin apparently doesn’t plan to make The Flash a laugh-fest. “The tagline is ‘you can’t outrun yourself’,” he told MTV.

We’ve got two reservations Flash fans should consider (three if you count Dobkin as an action director) – what if the JLA movie bombs like a B52 and given how long this thing has taken to get moving, do you really think it’ll get on its feet?