Monster Hunter-like Dauntless goes into open beta on May 24, but you can watch the intro right now


Phoenix Labs' game Dauntless will enter open beta on Thursday, May 24, allowing anyone and everyone with a moderately powerful PC to enter a world inhabited by monsters. Monsters which you'll have to hunt - almost like you were some sort of monster hunte-... Hang on, I've just been informed that the character you play is a slayer, totally distinct from other beast killers on the market. Likewise, what I just referred to as "monsters" are to be referred hereafter by their proper name, Behemoths.

Okay yes, I'm joking around, but if you haven't seen or heard of Dauntless yet, the Monster Hunter comparison is pretty fair. Like Capcom's long-running series, Dauntless challenges you to kill mons... sorry, Behemoths, use their bits and pieces to craft better gear, thus allowing you to fight bigger, tougher Behemoths - rinse and repeat to your heart's content. They play very similarly as well, with player characters running and fighting with distinct weight behind each movement, and playstyles changing depending on the weapon you wield.

Oh sure, there are plenty of differences as well. Their worlds are distinct, the art styles couldn't be further apart, and Dauntless is a free-to-play game whereas games like Monster Hunter World carry a premium pricetag. But where these two games differ the most is the respective emphasis on solo vs co-op play.

While you can summon in friends to help you out in Monster Hunter, multiplayer isn't pushed super hard. In Dauntless, teaming up with three other slayers is kind of the whole point, and playing with friends is arguably the "true" experience. It's a very good experience, as evidenced by us naming Dauntless one of the best games of PAX East 2018, but definitely one I'd suggest undertaking with friends instead of solo.

If all of this sounds intriguing to you, bookmark the official Dauntless site and head over to register once the open beta starts on May 24. And in the meantime, watch the game's intro cinematic and just pretend it's your custom character getting dropped onto these floating islands full of... well, you know.

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