Darksiders Genesis hits PC and Stadia in December, consoles next year

The newest installment in the Darksiders series is coming to PC and Google Stadia December 5, and on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One a couple months later on Valentine's Day, February 14. Darksiders Genesis is a new take on the third-person action RPG series, taking on a new top-down perspective and implementing cooperative gameplay as a first for the franchise.

After last year's release of Darksiders 3, which saw middling reviews and failed to expand the series' player base in a meaningful way, THQ Nordic and Airship Syndicate are revamping the Darksiders franchise with Genesis. You'll play as the War and the new Horsemen, Strife, in your fight to save the world from destruction at the hands of Lucifer. As you might've guessed given the name, Genesis is a prequel to the Darksiders series.

Elsewise, THQ says Darksiders Genesis isn't straying terribly far from the foundation that brought the Darksiders series success in the first place. The action will be hacky and slashy, you'll have plenty of puzzles to solve and big baddies to square off against, and Serpent Holes will still give you fast access to different areas of the map. The biggest differences seem to be the new Diablo-esque third-person perspective and cooperative play, and nonetheless THQ describes Genesis as "the first, full-scale Darksiders adventure played from the top-down perspective."

Check out the new cinematic 'Not Alone' trailer for Darksiders Genesis above, which boasts some gorgeous visuals perfectly in theme with the Halloween season. You can also check out the 20 best horror games of all time for suggestions on how to game during the spooky season. 

Jordan Gerblick

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