The Darkness II: Four character trailers for multiplayer Vendettas mode

We took a look earlier in the month at The Darkness II's co-op Vendettas mode, and now here's some character trailers to get you acquainted with the four protagonists of the multiplayer spinoff story. Like any good action saga, the clips present our heroes in what's fancily termed “the ethical habit of action”... or in layman's terms, they're in the midst of splitting some heads.

Brutally efficient and devoted to her Mossad training, Shoshanna weilds the Arm of the Night, which is an awful high-falutin' name for a preternaturally powerful shotgun. But then, if someone wants to give their super-shotgun a fancy name, it's best to let them, because duh, they've got a super-shotgun.

The unhinged Inugami hails from Japan, from whence he brings a supernaturally-charged Samurai sword and a yearning for revenge. Sure, giving the Japanese dude the demon-charged Samurai blade is a bit obvious, but if it ain't broke and so forth, yes?

JP DuMond is a Creole doctor from New Orleans, which you've doubtless guessed by now is a longhand way of saying, “Voodoo.” His weapons are the Midnight Stick, the Box of Tricks, and a guilt complex over using black magic to treat patients – which can only be assuaged by using black magic to kill zealots.

Jimmy Wilson is a tough-as-nails Scotsman from Glasgow, who hates the English as much as he loves being drunk and swinging a dark axe – on which he has bestowed the admirably straightforward title of “Dark Axe.”

You'll get your shot at Vendettas when The Darkness II releases in early February. Who're you looking forward to playing?