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Dark Souls PC petition successful: Prepare to Die come August

Don't ever say you can't make a difference on this cold hard planet. From Software fans were told that Dark Souls on PC could happen (opens in new tab) if they'd only gather over 90,000 people to register their interest in a PC version of Dark Souls (that's somewhat more friends than you have, unless you're Justin Bieber - which you're probably not, statistically speaking). And they did it! Now, the Dark Souls faithful have ensured a healthy increase to the sum total of teeth-grinding frustration in the world with the confirmation of their request through Germany's PC Action magazine (opens in new tab) (via NeoGAF (opens in new tab)).

The new PC version of Dark Souls, branded the Prepare to Die edition, is slated for an August release. According to PC Action, the port will include gamepad support and graphical enhancements, as well as two new bosses: the Guardian of the Tomb and Black Dragon. Namco and developer From Software have yet to issue an official statement on the title, though Australian mag PC Powerplay's also teased news of a Dark Souls PC port incoming (opens in new tab) for a reveal later this week.

Congratulations, PC players: prepare for your turn at an experience where “now there's more ways to die horribly!” counts as a major selling-point.