Dark Souls developer has nasty shock for early players

From Software has taken a bold (and amusing) stance against Dark Souls players who grabbed the title early from embargo-flouting retailers. Whereas an Epic or a Microsoft might address leaked games with a vague threat of legal action or online penalties, the Dark Souls developer looked closer to home for the best way to mete out justice with the severity associated with its brand. Solution: pit early players against the kind of antagonists that'd scare seasoned veterans.

Here's the stats for one of the malevolent player-haters unleashed on the Dark Souls world by the vengeful creators at From: note the maxed-out abilities across the board, HP twice as high as anyone could hope to achieve after days' worth of playtime, and full stock of anything that could conceivably be used to pulverize human-controlled characters. That's the worst defeat one could ever hope for – next time don't be so damn eager. The game launches for real on Oct 4 in North America; if you get hold of a copy early, be sure and take it monster-hunting for us.

Sep 21, 2011

Source: Esuteru via Next-Gen