Dark Souls 3 rumors: four players can die together in 2016

Keeping secrets this close to E3 is, well, the Dark Souls of secret keeping. Dark Souls 3 is beginning to unfurl if we go by a new video from YouTube channel The Know. If it's true, it looks like you'll get a chance to die repeatedly in Dark Souls 3's bleak fantasy world with up to three other players.

The Know appears to have gotten its hands on a swath of screens and gameplay features for Dark Souls 3, not the least of which is the potential multiplayer upgrade. The Dark Souls series is known for its online connectivity, letting you join another player's game if they need help, or vice versa. Dark Souls 3 will get an upgrade similar to Bloodborne, it appears, allowing players to run around with up to three other adventurers. Though, of course, the process for doing so remains esoteric as ever, and in Dark Souls 3's case, you'll need to perform a special "sacrificial ritual" in order to join another player's game.

Additional details include a possible release window (2016), platforms (Xbox One and PS4, with PC as "negotiable"), and bosses capable of changing their form mid-fight. It all looks very Souls-y, with the grim dark fantasy and grotesque monsters that you’ve come to love-hate.

We’re still waiting on official confirmation from Bandai Namco, but these screens will tide us over until E3 brings a real confirmation.

David Roberts
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