Dark Knight stunt pulled due to pollution

Batman may be a brooding, criminal-stalking vigilante with a psychological chip on his shoulder, but even he draws the line at jumping into water polluted by a thousand nasty diseases.

Yes, while he’s tackled the likes of The Joker and The Penguin, the production team of The Dark Knight pulled a stunt where our hero leaps from a plane into the harbour because the water proved to be more than a little dodgy.

"The plan was for Batman to be seen jumping into the water and then climbing up some bamboo, or something similar," reported the South China Morning Post , citing that old standby, an unnamed production “official”. "But when they checked a water sample, they found all sorts of things; salmonella and tuberculosis, so it was cancelled. Now the action will cut to inside a building." Better get the asbestos inspectors in, then….

Next week: Batman cries his eyes out when he’s faced with his worst enemy, Professor Stubbed McToe.

Source: ( South China Morning Post )