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There's a Dark Crystal Tactics game coming to Switch

Filled under 'news no one was expecting' but Nintendo has announced The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics at E3 2019 It's a turn based battler based on the Netflix show also called... The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. 

The reveal shows a Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle style grid war with Gelflings fighting, and seems to feature famous characters like various Skeksis or the crazy-eyed fortune teller Aughra, who also fronts the trailer.

Currently there's only a 2019 release date for Dark Crystal Tactics but considering the TV show starts on August 30 2019, it's a safe bet it'll be around then. It's by BonusXP who developed games like Stranger Things: The Game and Hero Academy 2 so there's a bit of a mobile vibe which might explain the mobile vibe to the looks overall. 

Leon Hurley
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