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  • PS2 | Submitted by mitch

    Gems stats

    GARNET: chill, exorcism, scale = 10
    PEARL: lightning, durable, exorcism= 10
    RUBY: flame, smash= 15
    OPAL: lightning, smash = 10
    DIAMOND:smash=10 flame,chill,etc.=5
    AMETHYST:smash=5 attack,lightning=10
    TURQUOISE:attack, lightning=5 beast, scale=10
    AQUAMARINE:durable, scale=5 chill, cyclone=10
    PERIDOT:attack=5 flame, beast exorcism=8
    SAPPHIRE:flame, durable,e xorcism=5 cyclone=15

  • PS2 | Submitted by A Resourceful Source

    Best Weapon Free!

    Get 40 medals and go to Mayor Need and cash your medals in for a rename card. Buy a cheap weapon and select it and choose rename and name it like a good weapon and it will turn in to it!! Try "Dark Cloud" or "Island King" for swords, "Love" for Brassards, "LEGEND" for Hammers, "Grade Zero" for Wrenches, and "Supernova" for Guns. EXACTLY HOW I SPELLED THEM!

  • PS2 | Submitted by David


    1)fountain & window & wooden box = Aquarium
    2)clock & morning sun & Juraks eye + Anti petrify Amulet
    3)Wheat flour & Pollys bakery sign & fireplace
    = Bread
    4)Constructor& Cloth & ladder = Work shoes
    5)Wooden box & Hmmm Jurak & Giant Yorda Tree = Wooden Box Body
    6) Charging Ram & Tree & Grass = Wise Owl Sword
    7)Fountain & Barrel & Mushroom = Barrel Cannon
    8)Fountain & Waterfall & Bottle = Tasty Water
    9)Barrel & Tree & Belt = Energy Pack
    10)Post & Constructo & Rock = Cannonball arm 2 1. Bomb -Candle, Pot, Weapon Shop Sign
    (Flame Crystal x1 150G Rufio if you have him in your party) Total: 400G
    (Gunpowder x5 100G Conda)
    (Wind crystal x1 150G Rufio if you have him in your party)

    2. Gift Capsule -Bone, Letter, Po
    (Unknown Bone x12 240G Conda) Total: 540G
    (Sticky Clay x15 300G Conda)

    1. Escape Powder -Ancient Mural, Elavator,Transmission Device
    (Wind Element x10 600G Conda) Total: 680G
    (Holy Water x2 80G Church in Palm Brinks)

    Ridepod parts
    1. Energy Pack (Urn) -Pot, Energy Pipe, Generator
    (Sticky Clay x20 400G Conda)
    (Sturdy Rock x20 400G Conda) Total: 1400G
    (Earth Element x10 600G Conda)

    2. Machine Gun Arm -Rifle, Runaway Dragon, Fan
    (Gunpowder x15 300G Conda)
    (Rolling Log x15 300G Conda) Total: 700G
    (Scrap of Metal x10 100G Conda)

    3. Bucket Leg -River, Water Tank, Trashcan
    (Water Element x5 300G Conda) Total: 600G
    (Scrap of Metal x30 300G Conda)

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easy Elements

    message: An easy way to get elements is to press triangle at the menu where you select your level. A menu will come up showing witch elements are in this specific level.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Dill Dill

    How to come back alive on the Forest lev

    If you get killed by a creature go back the train with the robot or the girl and your live will be restored!

  • PS2 | Submitted by TheMotleyFool

    Unlimited Money and Bait

    First, you need to be to the point in your story where you're at the "Fish Monster Swamp" in the Rainbow Butterfly Woods. Talk to the Firbit with green clothes that's sitting on the log. He will give you the fishing pole. He will also give you some bait. When you use all the bait, he will give you 5 Mimi. Keep doing this until you have caught as many fish as you want. Then you go to sell each fish you caught for 50 Gilda. Go back and forth until you have as much money as you want.

    **WARNING** If you summon the Mardan and give him a Priscleen fish, he will release the Firbits from their spell, and you can't get the bait anymore.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to get Milane

    Go to the weapon shop in palm brinks and she will give a sword and you have too upgrade it twice then she will join you.

  • PS2 | Submitted by jonah

    How to get move: Windmill Slash

    Get 100% on everything in Norune village then Dran will teach you windmill slash

  • PS2 | Submitted by Sora7Squall/Sion-4Dominique

    Getting the Serpant Slice

    The hardest part of Balance Valley in my opinion is getting Sherrif Blinkhorn to reside there. First stock up about 10 iron fences and 1 wooden gate put all the fences around a brick house then put the wooden gate in between the two different sides. Then move Blinkhorn in. Now you should have somewhere around 90% complete. Go to the next floor and battle Grapspar (I don't really know his name, I completed this cheat a week ago) The hardest part is knocking the Evil Flames away. Hit them as they get Close. You will switch off from Monica to Max and then back again for a while. Once you when and return to Balance Valley go to the future. Once you leave and go to the station return to the future once more now you will finally have completed Balance Valley. Go and run around the Moon Crystal a few times opening those tiny treasure boxes. I got a Potato Pie and a witch parfait. The Serpant Slice also appeared in Dark Cloud the sword you need to beat the Viper.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    When your trying to catch Mardan Karayan(whatevr) you have to use poisonous apples. If you don't have any have your wrench equipped and hit x at the apples near Master Utan. You will get 4. Then go catch him!

  • PS2 | Submitted by JuJu Beans

    Corrine the hider.

    In order to find Corrine you need to have completed Polly's request (you get 20 free crunchy breads). Go to the house that, that stubborn jerk sent you on Polly's mission. You will find Corrine there. Corrine will want to play hide and go seek (You must be Monica for her to ask you). Accept. Corrine will hide in two different places. First is by Max's house, (Claire's house?) go inside she isn't hard to find, because she's in Claire's room in the daylight. Next she's in Max's room go in and find her at the bottom of the bed. Doing this is rewarding because when in your party Corrine always gets the angel side of the coin!!!

  • PS2 | Submitted by JuJu Beans

    Defeating the Rainbow Butterfly

    In order to defeat the Rainbow Butterfly you need either a sword or a wrench with an attack of about 60. There are 6 yellow things in the middle of the gigantic "Lafresca." This is where things get tricky. Try to attack all of the worm-like things in the middle twice. The things have about 100 HP. If you don't manage to you should reset the game, unless Monica has a high magic attack. Use Monica's magic to hit them each twice. Once you do that you can defeat the Rainbow Butterfly without doing "No Effect". There are now 7 (I think) now if you have the Barrel Cannon for the Ridepod lock on and then attack from a distance. Soon you will have defeated the Rainbow Butterfly!!!

Dark Cloud 2 Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by freakygamer43

    Unlock Characters

    GORDON: location: outside of max's house.to get him you have to revive jurak, then go back to palm brinks, (at max's house) and give him holy water, then he will join you.

    RUFIO: location:around the lake. just take a picture of the moon, and find the guy in a green cloak and talk to him, then you will get rufio.

    ROSA: location: around palm brinks. this is really easy, just find an elderly woman, talk to her, and type: let's go together.

    DONNY: location in the entrance of the underground channel. first, you have to restore the tailor shop at sindain, then buy two coins there, (1500 gilda EACH) next, go see donny and give him the two coins.

    PARN AND JULIA: location: parn's studio. you must have the tailor shop at sindain, then buy gold paint (1000 gilda), and go give parn the paint.

    FERDINAND: location: max's kitchen. you need to get a roasted chestnut, then give the chef the chestnut, and he has joined you.

    CLAIRE: location: claire's house. take a picture of the lefracia stem, and show it to claire.

    STEWART: location: right when you walk into max's house. he will ask you to borrow 1000 gilda for an auction, then when you talk to him again, he will ask for 1200 gilda, he will keep telling you that the bid has rised, so make sure that you have 2000 gilda on you.

    ADEL: location: go into the kitchen and there is an upstairs. talk to adel and she will need a hunk of copper, a thick hide, and a sturdy cloth (make sure that you have 2 of each, because I forgot how much of what you need.)

    AUNT POLLY: location: polly's bakery. talk to aunt polly, and she will give you 20 loaves of crunchy bread, you have to deliver it to morton (the guy who owns the store with a pumkin in front of it), so talk to him and he will send you to his house (his house is the place with the pumpins growing in his yard) when you try to go in to his house, there will be a note, read it, then go back and talk to morton, and he will give you all of the crunchy bread, go talk to aunt polly again and she will join you.

    SHERIFF BLINKHORN: location: outside the police station during the day. talk to sheriff blinkhorn, and he will ask you if you want do his "mad dash", say yes, and run all the way to the lake, where the boat and the blue-haired firbet is, and go up to the boat and press x when the red exclamation point is above your head, then run all the way back to sheriff blinkhorn, then talk to him, if you beat his record of 2:01, then he will join you.

    MILANE: location: weapon shop. switch to monica and talk to milane, then she will give monica a sword, upgrade it twice, and milane will join you.
    GERALD: location: max's house. switch to max and talk to his dad, then his dad will give him a gun, upgrade it once, talk to him, and he will join you.
    MAYOR NEED: location: his office. this is really hard to figure it out, but just go through is story and type in 1221, and he will be able to open the safe.
    _____________1 2______________
    _____________3 4______________
    _____________5 6______________
    _____________7 8______________
    _____________9 10______________
    _____________11 12______________
    _____________13 14______________

    PRIEST BRUNO:location: the church. this is a diagram of priest bruno's church, the numbers are candles. talk to priest bruno, then turn off #'s 1, 6, 9, 14.

    FABIO: location: at the lake, next to the boat. note: must have minon for fishing bait! go fishing and catch a nonky, BUT it has to be over 60 cm. then talk to the blue haired firbit, and he will join you.

    OLIVIE: you have to be somewhere in vinnicio to do this. when the mayor makes the finny frenzy, you have to keep training and breeding your fish to make them swim faster, then enter the beginner class of the contest and win first place, then when the contest is over, wait until the tent is gone, then talk to the blonde haired firbit kid, and he will join you.

    CORRINE: go to morton's house, go upstairs and talk to a little girl, then she will hide somewhere else, go to claire's house, upstairs, and you will find her, then she will say that she will hide again, now go to max's room and talk to corrine, then she will join you.

    MINA: location:the entrence of city hall during the day. you have to clear 10 stages of spheda.