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The Dark Cloud you've been hoping for will hit PS4 next week

After a truly phenomenal fake out, Sony is going to put the Dark Cloud that people wanted to begin with on PS4 next week. Dark Cloud 2 will join the roster of PS2 games playable on PS4 on January 19, according to the PlayStation Blogcast.

The original Dark Cloud, which let players dive into dungeons, rebuild villages, and anxiously watch their durability and water meters deplete, was one of the PS2's earliest titles. That may have been why Sony picked it to be one of the first emulated games on PS4. Dark Cloud 2 (or Dark Chronicle in Japan and Europe) improved on the original a few years later by getting rid of that incredibly limiting thirst system. Oh, and it had a better story and combat, too.

If you're still waiting to see your favorite PS2 game appear with improved visuals on PS4, Sony's taking suggestions for which games to emulate next. The first one, as a reminder, should definitely be Burnout 3: Takedown.

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Connor Sheridan
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