Danny McBride activates Mr Machine

Danny McBride’s career is on the fast track these days following his hilarious turn in The Foot Fist Way and Hot Rod. He’ll appear in Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express and is even now filming Land Of The Lost with pal and regular cheerleader Will Ferrell.

And even before Pineapple Express, which was directed by All The Real Girls’ David Gordon Green, he’d been working on a script with the helmer, about science fair geeks who build a robot that comes to life.

Turns out his new career power is getting that old screenplay moving. "We're turning that in to Universal next week," he told Devin at CHUD. "It's our take on those old Amblin films - it follows around these science fair geeks that construct this robot that get a life of its own. It's like... I don't know, a Short Circuit zombie movie."

And beyond Land Of The Lost, he’s also got Your Highness, a return to old-fashioned Dragonslayer-type films that he and Green are getting set to shoot. For more on that madcap sounding flick, click on over to CHUD .

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