Danny Boyle on The Walking Dead

Before any comic-book fans start to get excited that they've just read the words 'The Walking Dead' on a film website, there are still no plans to adapt Robert Kirkman's sublime zombie epic into the ultimate undead flick.

However, Danny Boyle has been discussing it.

Ain't It Cool News confronted the director over the perceived similarities between issue one's opening scene, and the first ten minutes of 28 Days Later.

"Well, we stole it, of course it’s all stolen from Day Of The Triffids and it’s all stolen from I Am Legend," Boyle said. "We just stole from the same people."

Zombie apocalypse

The Walking Dead has been published by Image comics since 2003. It follows a group of survivors as they fight their way through a zombie apocalypse, trying to find a place safe enough to settle and call home.

In the AICN interview, Boyle admits he's never read the book. Let's hope he picks it up and decides to make it into a movie. Check out some of the cool covers in the gallery to your right for a few reasons why we're so keen to see it.

[Source: AICN ]

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