D&D movie characters get stats that let you to kill someone with a sandwich

Splash art of the main heroes from Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves
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The cast of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves have been given full in-game stats ahead of the movie's launch, allowing you to use them as NPCs in your games... and utilize some pretty weird abilities.

Released via D&D Beyond as a free supplement for anyone who's signed up to the site, 'Thieves' Gallery' gives players all the stats they need to utilize Chris Pine's Edgin and co in Dungeons and Dragons books. And while it's fun to get a better look at their skills, I'm currently obsessed with the unorthodox methods used by this party. Sure, the 'Daggersword' employed by Xenk (Regé-Jean Page's Paladin) is all good and well, but what I'm really interested in is Michelle Rodriguez's Holga being able to wield, and I quote, "anything that comes to hand - from weapons to snacks." 

Yep, you could theoretically slap someone into unconsciousness with a cheese wheel.

This ridiculous ability comes in the form of Holga's 'Improvised Weapon' attack, which allows her to grab whatever she can and make a melee or ranged weapon attack (with +7 to hit and a range varying between 20-60ft) that deals 7 points of bludgeoning damage a pop. That means she's able to kill someone with nothing but a sandwich, which is absurd and utterly delightful.

A fearsome combatant when her ire is up, Holga wields anything that comes to hand - from weapons to snacks

D&D Beyond

These stats also give a breakdown of character backstories for everyone from the big bad to Hugh Grant's Forge (who will very obviously betray the group during the film, as hinted by his Neutral Evil alignment). While a lot of it is fairly standard stuff for characters in the best tabletop RPGs, Xenk's bio in particular is interesting; he "ages more slowly than a normal human, and with this gift comes the burden of perspective. His longevity has something to do with [villain] Szass Tam’s nightmarish rise to power and Xenk’s narrow escape from the lich." Similarly, Justice Smith's Simon is related to D&D legend Elminster Aumar - who is essentially the Gandalf of the Forgotten Realms setting in which Honor Among Thieves takes place.

With the D&D movie just weeks away, this is just one part of the marketing campaign reaching fever pitch - before now, we had a reveal of D&D Nerf blasters along with new Transformers-style D&D toys.

For more on the upcoming movie, check out our exclusive interview where the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves cast say they were inspired by Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. If you want to see what the characters were up to before the film, on the other hand, IDW has made a prequel comic.

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