Dancing pet monkeys are coming to Sea of Thieves this week

Sea of Thieves continues to expand and add color to its nautical world with one of its most exciting updates yet, which finally adds pet companions. The Smuggler's Fortune update arrives Wednesday, September 11 and brings highly-pettable monkeys and parrots, as well as the ability to purchase Ancient Coins using real-world currency.

The Pirate Emporium is an in-game store coming to Sea of Thieves via Wednesday's The Smuggler's Fortune update. Ancient Coins are a new premium currency that can be purchased using real-life money and spent on cosmetics, emotes, and indeed, pets. To note, Ancient Coins can also be harvested by hunting down rare Ancient Skeletons, which are also being introduced with this latest update.

Initially, the only pets available for purchase will be various types of monkeys and parrots, and it's not clear which types of pets will be added in the future, although cats have been mentioned before. Two types of monkeys will be added, the Capuchin and Barbary Macaque. As for the parrots, you'll soon be able to choose between the Parakeet and Macaw to have perched on your shoulder.

You can dress your little friends up, take them with you on scavenges, emote with them, play music to get them dancing, and just lounge around your ship with them. I never would've dreamed I'd have a dancing monkey by my side while playing Sea of Thieves, but sometimes dreams really do come true.

Check out the full announcement stream and stay for the 27-minute mark to see Antonio the squirrel monkey emptying his belly all over Rare Community Manager Jon McFarlane's shoulders.

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