Damon ditches Jason Bourne

Do you love the Ocean’s movies? Do you really, really love them, despite the fact that the second one was more fun for the cast to make than it was to watch? Then chances are either you’re a big fan of George Clooney or you actually are George Clooney. So you’ll be very happy to hear that, while the actors haven’t definitely said they’ll be back, they used the Cannes press conference for Ocean’s 13 to admit they’d consider it.

But according to the class clown (Clooney again), the Ocean’s team set out to make a much more serious film: "This is a cry for peace," he told the press with a straight face. "We thought we were in competition."

But while it looks like we might actually end up with Ocean’s 19: Retirement Centre Scam, fellow Ocean’s thesp Matt Damon took the opportunity to lay to rest his long running franchise: Jason Bourne.

"We have ridden that horse as far as we can,” saying he felt like "a bit of a prostitute for putting out two number threes in one year." Which, naturally, was all the set up Clooney needed: "That's better than three number twos.” Oh, that Clooney.

Still, according to Damon, the Bourne character could live on, much like James Bond, in the guise of another thesp. I know which next franchise instalment we’d rather see. So go hit the forums and tell us who you think could be the next Bourne…