Cyberpunk 2077 characters, weapons, and vehicles explored in new issue of Official PlayStation Magazine

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

Think you know all about CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4 and PS5? Think again. In the new issue of Official PlayStation Magazine (opens in new tab), on sale now, the art team behind the new RPG reveal how they designed the weapons, cars, and characters of the future.

Concept artist Ben Andrews reveals to OPM why a disposable one-shot gun sold to families from vending machines is the perfect embodiment of Cyberpunk 2077.

“Everybody has a gun because violence has been taken to the extremes,” says Andrews . “The idea that you may be mugged on your way home from work is extremely common, or your apartment might be broken into at the weekend. So, everybody’s carrying a gun.”

Discover more of the design choices and how they affect Cyberpunk 2077's gameplay only in Official PlayStation Magazine 179, out now. 

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The latest PS4 and PS5 games

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In a packed issue you can find new info on PS5's Deathloop, Konami talk about PES 2022 on PS5, Assassin's Creed Valhalla is previewed, and you can discover the latest on Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, The Pathless, and why Hitman 3 PS VR will be a system-seller. Not enough? Then take a look at what else is in Official PlayStation Magazine 179…

Lorne Lanning teases PS5 social features

(Image credit: Future)

Lorne Lanning shares his views on PS5, the future of games, and why Oddworld Soulstorm is the game he's always wanted to make. In Official PlayStation Magazine the legendary developer teases how PS5 will revolutionise how we share our game experiences and engage socially on next-gen. 

Marvel's Avengers

(Image credit: Future)

The early verdict is in on Marvel's Avengers, read the pre-review in Official PlayStation Magazine 179 and discover if these assembled superheroes can compete with Sony's Marvel Spider-Man. Look out for some exclusive info on Marvel's Avengers' DLC in future issues of the magazine.

4A Studios on PS5, Metro Exodus sequel, and more

(Image credit: 4A Studios)

4A Studios executive producer Jon Bloch celebrates 10 years of the Metro franchise by teasing the series' future on PS5, revealing the games were almost open-world RPGs, and why PS5's DualSense Controller would be a perfect fit for a Metro Exodus sequel.

"Probably the first that comes to mind for Metro would be getting that tactile feedback of pressure as you pump up a pneumatic rifle," says Bloch in Official PlayStation Magazine 179 as he describes making use of the DualSense.

Goodbye Volcano High

(Image credit: Co_Op)

One of PS5's strangest and most stylish new games, Goodbye Volcano High features in Official PlayStation Magazine 179. The team behind the dinosaur high school narrative drama share the first details of how the game plays, why the dinosaurs, and why comparisons to Life Is Strange are just fine but there's more to the game than you'd think.

Co-creative director Saleem Dabbous says: “What we’re really drawing from are things like the conversation systems in BioWare games like Mass Effect or Dragon Age – imagine that expanded across an entire game and then having another layer of interaction on top of that [through] cinematic minigames or interactions with audio and other bits that we will be revealing over time.”

Ghostwire: Tokyo

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Tokyo's been invaded by spectres from another dimension in Bethesda and Tango Gameworks' FPS horror. New gameplay details and a combat system created by Doom Eternal's Shinichiro Hara means this one is a PS5 game to watch. Read the new preview in Official PlayStation Magazine 179, out now.

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