Culdcept SAGA officially announced for US Summer release

Like strategy card games? Namco Bandai officially announced today that the American version of Culdcept SAGA is coming this Summer on the Xbox 360. If you haven't heard of this series, it began with a little-known but great entry on the PlayStation 2. The latest version will feature Xbox Live multiplayer action. Culdcept SAGA combines trading card-based battles and a board game-style world. Supposedly a popular Japanese sci-fi writer developed the story.

Culdcept SAGA involves the standard questwith a princess and an "unexpected" hero fighting against evil. The cards allow you to summon various creatures, and taking control of key locations will be a part of the strategy. Rolling dice determines movement on the board. If you land on an opponent-occupied space, you can pay "rent" for the stay, or simply attack the occupant.

The game boasts cards designed by "Japan's top illustrators." The player can of course customize multiple card decks to assist in their struggle for territorial dominance. It sounds like you can build up your deck in single player and then use it online, although this isn't quite clear yet. Up to 4 players can battle online or together at home. Trinkets obtained through victorious matches can be used to decorate your character and create a unique appearance.

For more info, check out ourearlier previewon the Japanese version.

March 14, 2007