Crytek on consoles

Oct 16, 2007

Good news for those of you left sobbing into your three-year-old hardware following last week's announcement of the minimum PC specs required to play Crysis. We come bearing some hope of a console version. Again.

While we played through the single and multiplayer modes during a recent visit, Crytek lead level designer Sten Hubler spoke to use about the practicalities of Crysis on consoles: "Obviously consoles have memory constraints, so we would have to look at the size of the levels and maybe introduce some sort of streaming ability."

He continued: "Gameplay-wise we would need to consider the controller and how actions can be carried out on it. But Crytek have spent the last 6-7 years working on PC titles. We haven't done a lot with consoles – we'd have to discover how it all works."

We'll take that as meaning they are actually doing all of these things right now. Wahoo!