Crysis - new screens

Sept 26, 2007

Additional details on multiplayer have rolled in from the sweet-looking shores of Crysis with fresh screenshots straight from the multiplayer beta. The game still looks amazing, which should come as no surprise to anyone who hasn%26rsquo;t been living in a cave for the past year.

In case you missed it last week, the video below provides an in-depth tutorial on the multiplayer mode, Power Struggle. Crytek's Multiplayer Development Manager, Eric Lagel has said that "What really excites us is looking forward to seeing what strategies will emerge from the community. New features, like the nanosuit, will certainly inspire innovation in multiplayer gameplay."

So check out the trainer below to learn all about how this team-based mode works and show the developers how multiplayer was really meant to be played. In the meantime, don't be shy, and visit theImagestab above for more juicy snapshots of Power Struggle in action.

Unfortunately, the beta is currently only available to FilePlanet subscribers and the keys have been gobbled up like hot cakes as quick as they can be distributed. If you can't wait till October for the single player demo, you can check out the availability of keys for the multiplayer betahere.