Crysis ambition causes delay

Wednesday 5 December 2006
Crysis, the next-gen-tastic PC shooter from Far Cry creator Crytek, will launch "later than planned," as the developer takes extra time to create "the experience you expect" from the stunning jungle-based alien blast-fest, according to Crytek president Cevat Yerli.

But Yerli promises - in a statement posted on gaming fansite InCrysis - that Crytek is burning the midnight oil and beetling away to deliver Crysis "in the earliest timeframe that meets [Crytek's] high quality threshold".

Yerli further hints that the ambition behind Crysis means the game will represent "a genuine first for the gaming industry," before explaining that "some of this stuff is really hard and just takes time to get right".

The statement also sees Crytek reveal plans for a pleasing level of community support, with Yerli pointing out that the developer has taken fan opinion on-board regarding modding and multiplayer features. In an interesting aside, Yerli also says that Crytek wants to reach as many PC gamers as possible, claiming that Crysis will be playable across "entry-level PC's up to the hardcore game rigs".

Crysis had never actually been given a rock-steady launch date and Crytek and publisher EA are no closer to giving any specific indication of when the game will appear. But, given the scope of Crytek's gaming vision, we reckon you should be settling down for a good long wait - early 2008 seems more than likely.

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