Cruising, racing & sinking

There’s a moment in the new M:I-III trailer where Michelle Monaghan confronts Tom Cruise with the words, “What aren’t you telling me?” The look on his face speaks volumes and should keep Freudian analysts and tabloid junkies happy for months. Adrenaline junkies, however, will also be happy with this new promo, which offers everything we’ve seen from the film, plus a whole lot more. If the stunts are anything to go by, JJ Abrams has made a great Mission: Impossible film. And as for the characters? Who couldn’t love freshly minted Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman as a crafty villain? Check out that trailer here .

If it’s speed without the brains you’d prefer, then The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift looks… Well, like the other F&F films, frankly. They’ve always had something of a guilty treat about them (admittedly, 2 Fast 2 Furious drove closer to the guilt than the treat), and this is just more of the same. Wrong side of tracks bland boy gets into racing world. Falls for the wrong woman etc, etc… This time, the filmmakers have lugged their production to Japan and set the action in the world of Drift racing, which features lighter cars with a tendency to some nifty skidpan antics. Get into gear for that here .

Finally, should the previous two trails leave you in need of a cooling dip, look no further than Poseidon. If we’re all ready to get wet again after the likes of The Perfect Storm (just what IS Wolfgang Petersen’s obsession with the liquid stuff?), then this is the one to watch. Still, does the world really need a new Poseidon Adventure? Decide for yourself after viewing the trailer here .

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