Crimesight is a new competitive social game from Konami

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Konami has announced a new multiplayer crime-solving game called Crimesight.

In a Minority Report-like world, Crimesight takes place in 2075 London where most crime has been eradicated thanks to the Foresight AI which predicts crimes before they happen. 

However, as you might imagine, not all is well. A description for the world reads: "The Foresight AI predicts a future where the world falls into ruin due to incidents which cannot be prevented. This concerns the system developers, who engineer an AI that specializes in tracking and solving these crimes. The new AI is given the name “Sherlock” as an homage to the legendary detective of old. Pursuing a number of cases leads Sherlock to a single conclusion. At the center of these incidents Sherlock’s equal rival, the AI “Moriarty,” lies in wait."

This setup leads to the online game where there is a Team Sherlock and Team Moriarty. The Moriarty team is trying to get away with NPC murder, while the Sherlock team is trying to deduce who is on the other team, but also who they plan to kill. 

If Among Us has come into your mind, that seems a fair comparison, though it seems to implement more elements of crime and mystery solving. Its sci-fi world also just sounds wild and silly in a fun way. 

The game doesn't have a release date just yet, but there is a closed beta running on PC you can try to be a part of. You either need to follow and RT the recruitment tweet on the Crimesight Twitter (opens in new tab) or join the game's discord and respond to the recruitment message. 

While Konami has not stopped making video games, the company has certainly stepped back from high-profile console games based on its catalog of franchises in recent years. There are notable exceptions like the PES series, as well as games like Metal Gear Solid Survive and Contra:  Rogue Corps but those feel more like one-offs. 

It's exciting to see Konami out there making new IP, and perhaps a good sign the business is possibly expanding back out into video games. It could be a positive omen for games based on their higher profile franchises. Looking at you Silent Hills...

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