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Is Corin Hardy set to leave The Crow reboot?

The Crow has potentially hit the latest in a long line of roadblocks, with The Wrap reporting that the bankruptcy of Relativity Media has thrown the production into doubt. Not only that, but it also looks like director Corin Hardy might be about to walk away from the film.

According to the report, Relativity had spent $7 million on the film before going bust, and if photography on the movie doesn't start within the next 18 months, then the $2.5m option on the rights expires. Time to crack on then? Well not anytime soon, as rights-holder, Edward Pressman has just launched an objection about including the project amongst the assets of Relativity as they're prepared to be sold.

This legal process threatens to delay the project still further, which may in turn result in Corin Hardy vacating the director’s chair. All in all, it’s a bit of a mess, particularly in the wake of yet another leading man dropping out, as Jack Huston did earlier this year. No replacement has been found as yet, leading us to question whether the reboot is ever going to happen. We won’t be holding our breath…

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