Control is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC on Thursday

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Control will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC later this week, Xbox has revealed.

As you can see in the tweet below from the official Xbox Game Pass for PC Twitter account, Control will be made available for PC subscribers later this week on January 21. On Thursday you'll be able to venture into the Oldest House for yourself and throw anything and everyone around to your heart's content.

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This all comes after Control was made available for Xbox Game Pass on consoles last month. In fact, Control was made available for both Xbox consoles and Android devices that month through Xbox Game Pass streaming, so you could play it both on your couch and on the go.

There's now less than a month to go until the Control: Ultimate Edition launches for PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. While the game is available on all three next-gen consoles, the next-gen features, such as support for 60 frames per second aren't available yet, but will launch for all next-gen owners on February 2. That's only for digital owners of the Ultimate Edition however, as owners of the physical version will have to wait another 30 days, until March 2, to take advantage of the upgraded edition's features.

Control: Ultimate Edition bundles the game and both DLC packs - The Foundation and AWE - into one launch. The version of Control that's available through Xbox Game Pass is the standard edition, so you'll have to purchase both DLC expansion separately if you're playing it through the subscription service.

If you're at a loss for how developer Remedy is tying Control and Alan Wake into one extended universe, head over to our page on how the Control AWE DLC links to Alan Wake and the Remedy Extended Universe.

For our guide to all the intricate references and clues you might have missed during Remedy's latest game, check out our full Control easter eggs guide for more.

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