Control is still crashing on Xbox Series X and PC Game Pass, but fixes are on the way

(Image credit: 505 Games)

Control is still crashing relatively frequently on some platforms, but developer Remedy and publisher 505 Games are working on stability fixes. 

The 505 Games support Twitter formally acknowledged crashing on Xbox Series X | S last week – for both performance and graphics mode – and after another wave of crash reports, it's expanded its analysis to include the PC Game Pass version of the game. Strangely enough, PC players have encountered new issues with this version compared to playing the game through Steam or the Epic Games Store. 

"We are aware of stability issues that Series X and PCGP players are experiencing and are looking into them," 505 Games support said in a more recent tweet. "We are seeing them in both performance and graphics modes in retail environments. We hope to have an update for you all soon!"

In a follow-up tweet, the publisher clarified that, "We are still working on pinpointing why these are occurring, as well as similar crashes occurring in the Series X performance mode version. Hope to have an update for everyone soon; if we are lucky, by the end of this week."

I'm assuming that by "update," 505 Games is referring to an update on the situation to share with players rather than a software update from Remedy resolving the crashes. I suppose it's not necessarily impossible to have a fix out that quickly, but I'd imagine getting an update out for both Xbox Series X and the PC Game Pass version would take a bit longer. Either way, players will probably welcome either at this point. 

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