Conflict: Denied Ops - updated impressions

The gameplay mechanics sound verysimilar to Army of Two in its co-op slant, but it's unique ability to switch between characters while you play actually makes it very different. Want to pick off someone in the distance?Delegate the target to your sniper buddy, while you set about taking down the enemies in the doorway. Not only does this mean you are always in control of everything, it's going to make for a superb co-op mode too.

The series has always tried to make squad-based gameplay as accessible as possible, and it really can't get much more accessible than this. All commands for your colleague are executed through tapping or holding the left trigger or bumper. You can say 'go there' or 'follow me' with the trigger, with the remaining button's command being case sensitive - either 'shoot that' or 'guard that' or even 'plant C4 there'. You can also switch between team members at any time by pressing B (or circle on PS3).

The problem at the moment is that we're just not feeling that 'wow' factor that we've felt with other high-profile shooters like Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. So whether Conflict: Denied Ops can do enough to tear you away from the myriad of quality new shooters this winter remains to be seen. But that blood effectjust might tempt you...

Justin Towell

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