Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen review

Seen The Lizzie McGuire Movie? First, our sympathies. Second, you've already seen Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen. Okay, so the plots aren't identical, but it's essentially different girl, same day.

Quirky, attractive Lola (Lindsay Lohan) has an overactive imagination, exaggerates her mundane suburban existence and outwits a bitchy, popular rival. Not much of a plot really, even if she also gets to meet her rock-star idol.

It's all done with irritating spunkiness, the bouncy opening credits setting the annoying tone, while Lohan regresses after holding her own against Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday. Barely noticeable under an avalanche of neon fabrics and costume jewellery, she's also smothered by the truckload of treacle that's dumped all over the film. Obviously it's all in the name for director Sara Sugarman.

The only true spark comes during the high school play, a Pygmalion update with some fun set-pieces. Although whether you'll make it that far is another matter.

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