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Condemned 2 toned down

The ESRB's decision to give Manhunt 2 an Adults Only rating seems to have already sent shockwaves throughout the industry about what it can and can't get away with. Condemned 2: Bloodshot senior producer, Constantine Hantzopoulos, tells us that a few features have already been pulled from the game in light of the ESRB / Manhunt situation.

During E3 we met up with Hantzopoulos for a look at Condemned 2: Bloodshot. For us, the original was a prize pick of the 360 launch line-up and we're looking forward to the second one. But we were keen to know if the Manhunt ban made him think twice about how far the brutal aspect of Condemned's gameplay could be pushed. Would the ban make him (and other developers) think twice about what he could get away with?