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Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Dec 7, 2007

This game wants to hurt you. It wants you to feel pain, to go on a journey into the pits of despair and wallow in smashed faces, broken bones and bloodied corpses. When you attack a frantic enemy, blood dripping from gaping wounds, they don’t take the hits and keep pummeling, they spit blood, teeth fly across the screen and they spin, reacting violently to your blows. This is no ordinary adventure. It’s pretty brutal.

At no point in Condemned 2: Bloodshot should you feel comfortable - this game is about survival against overwhelming odds. Despite our walkthrough of the game featuring frenzied, very visceral violence, the game’s strengths actually lie in its atmosphere and scripting. As with FEAR, Monolith has managed to create a universe, albeit one on the verge of insanity, that exists on its own rules. A mysterious ‘virus’ threatens to turn a city’s population insane. We say ‘virus’ but in reality there is no word yet to describe what Monolith has unleashed on its virtual world - a virus, a supernatural presence or a psychosis?