Composer behind viral Final Fantasy 14 remixes is now "writing banger soundtracks" for several other games

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker
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Alex Moukala, the composer behind multiple viral mixes of Final Fantasy 14 and other games, has announced he's working on soundtracks for several other games. 

The popular artist tweeted that he's "composing music full-time for several amazing videogames." He didn't go so far as to say what titles he's working on, but he did reveal he's currently hard at work "writing banger soundtracks" for the mystery games. 

Moukala's impressive covers have earned him a massive following over the past few years. A huge Final Fantasy fan, he released a short remix of "To The Edge", a boss track for Final Fantasy 14, back in 2020. His creation was so good that the game's composer Masayoshi Soken requested that he make a full version of the song, and needless to say, Moukala did not disappoint.

Last year the artist gave Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker its own spectacular anime-style intro, which you can check out in the video below. It's an original arrangement by Alex Moukala, Husky the Geek, Studio Nicktendo, and Denmo McStrongHuge, and took months to put together. Once again, it was good enough to gain a seal of approval from Soken, who excitedly tweeted, "This is our Eorzea?! What a Passionate song!"

More recently, Moukala recreated the memorable Final Fantasy 14 tune "Close in the Distance" with the help of 1,400 fans who submitted videos of themselves singing the chorus. Based on the original song by Masayoshi Soken & Jason Charles Miller, this emotional fan arrangement is dedicated to the game's creators and the FF14 community. Given the amazing level of talent he's shown so far, we can't wait to hear what audio delights Moukala is whipping up for future titles.

In other Final Fantasy 14 news, a player has discovered a great way to earn precious loot and get your daily exercise in. Streamer BiggMilky recently posted a video that shows them completing a Savage-tier Raid using nothing but a dance mat. They definitely deserve a lie down after that.

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