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COMPO Wake Wood

Win! Five copies of the new Hammer film and Peter Curtis’ The Witches up for grabs

Since returning from the grave, Hammer Films have given us a surprisingly good American remake of Let The Right One In and Hilary Swank domestic invasion thriller The Resident . But Wake Wood is the first to evoke the startling spirit and tone of the studio’s legendary back-catalogue

In an attempt to cope with the grief and despair of losing their only child Alice (Ella Connolly), mauled to death by a savage dog, veterinarian Patrick Daly (Gillen) and his pharmacist wife Louise (Birthistle) move from the city to the remote Irish village of Wake Wood. Their acceptance as members of the close-knit community leads them to the discovery of an ancient pagan ritual enabling the grief-stricken to bring a deceased person back from the dead for a period of three days. But the ritual is bound by strict rules and conditions, which, if broken, demand a terrible price be paid.

Uncompromising, original and downright weird Wake Wood (cert. 18) is out on DVD now (£15.99) courtesy of Momentum Pictures including interviews with the cast and crew, deleted scenes and trailers. To get your hands on one of five copies plus a bonus copy of The Witches by author Peter Curtis, simply answer the following question .

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