Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising

Will there be new gameplay modes?

We’re introducing the new Commander’s Challenge mode, which is a lengthy series of unique, themed scenarios. Each of these has its own special rules or conditions, limiting access to your units. As you complete each scenario, you’ll unlock new forces to add to the mix. This is proving to be an addictive and fun means of structuring our gameplay, so we’ll be excited to see how players take to it.

Why go with a stand-alone game rather than a traditional expansion pack? Does this mean Uprising will cost more?

It’s quite simple, really. We want to give as many gamers as possible the opportunity to play. And no, that certainly doesn’t mean that Uprising will cost more. In fact, the downloadable version of Uprising will be priced at around $20 for roughly 30 hours of gameplay (including the campaigns and Commander’s Challenge).

Reinforcements have arrived: Three new super-units

Stalin’s steamroller, The Grinder, enjoys crushing enemy vehicles (including tier three crushers like the Apocalypse Tank) and structures. Rollin’ over opponents doesn’t slow The Grinder down, and it’s also fully amphibious.

Behold, the Future Tank X-1: the “boss” unit of the FutureTech themed sub-faction in the Allied campaign. Its heavy armor excels against all ground units, but particularly slow ground units that cannot evade its primary attack.

Empire of the Rising Sun
The largest vehicle in RA3, this Giga-Fortress can transform into a flying siege platform, switching out its weapons system to favor siege cannons in the process. It’s also able to blast the coastline with its rocket launcher and cannon turrets. When transforming from water to sky and back, it will crush any stationary units in its way.

Feb 10, 2009