Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars - updated impressions

The GDI - for those who don’t know the 11-year-old legend that is C&C- is the meat-and-potatoes faction in this upcoming sci-fi RTS hotpot. Tough no-nonsense grunts, solid salt-of-the-earth tanks, reassuringly WYSIWYG flying thingies... if you munch both fingers of your fun-sized Kit Kat at the same time, this is the side for you.

Finger separators (you freaks) get the Brotherhood of Nod, a kind of quasi-religious multinational Mujahideen that specializes in hitting-and-running, hitting-and-hiding, hiding-hitting-and-running, running-hit... oh, you get the idea. "Finesse" is a word that executive producer Mike Verdu used a lot to describe the Nod combat ethos.