Mother Striga is the Thanos-level new threat facing Sabrina the Teenage Witch in an epic Archie Comics crossover

Art from Sabrina Annual Spectacular
(Image credit: Archie Comics)

In the lore of Archie Comics' Sabrina it is said that all witches are descended from the same source, one bad mother whose wickedness has forever left a stain on the reputation of magic-users. Now, in a new three-part crossover story running throughout Archie's all-ages titles, we're about to meet her.

Mother Striga is the first witch and a deadly threat who has been summoned back to the mortal plane by Sabrina's nemesis Amber Nightstone. The character is making her debut in this September's Sabrina Annual Spectacular one-shot written by Ian Flynn, drawn by Steven Butler, and inked by Lily Butler. The epic tale will continue (with the same creative team) in October's Archie Halloween Spectacular and conclude in November's Josie and the Pussycats Annual Spectacular. 

Art from Sabrina Annual Spectacular

(Image credit: Archie Comics)

"I'm a fan of the wild and magical world of Ms. Spellman, and I'm always eager to explore it in ways that are more narratively meaty," Ian Flynn told Newsarama. "Amber is a great foil and rival for Sabrina, but they're on about equal footing. The new evil we're introducing - Mother Striga - is on a whole other level. How will Sabrina manage when she's completely outclassed in terms of raw, magical might?"

"In Sabrina's world, Mother Striga is the FIRST witch, the mother of all witches, and very malevolent," added artist Steven Butler, who designed the look of the character. "Mother Striga exists as the Darkseid or Thanos of Sabrina's world, the ultimate evil presence who shows up to cause havoc for everyone."

Art from Sabrina Annual Spectacular

Character designs for Mother Striga by Steven Butler. (Image credit: Archie Comics)

"In designing her, I wanted her to look regal yet emaciated, like an ancient mummy - she even wears wrappings like a mummy - with thick, viscous black hair that's alive and can morph into a cloak or weapon," Butler continued. "Her look comes from my memories of several different Disney villains, especially Cruella de Vil and Yzma from the Emperor's New Groove, along with my memories of a character from an old and obscure comic and cartoon series called 'Mr. & Mrs. J Evil Scientist.'"

The Sabrina Annual Spectacular one-shot is published by Archie Comics on September 4, with precise dates for the remaining two parts of the story still to be confirmed.

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