Archie Horror returns with Betty: The Final Girl

Betty: Final Girl #1 cover art
(Image credit: Archie Comics)

Archie Comics' fan-favorite Archie Horror imprint is back in action with a new anthology one-shot that puts a horror twist on Riverdale's blonde girl next door, Betty Cooper, in Betty: The Final Girl #1.

(Image credit: Archie Comics)
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If you're not up to speed on your horror movie lingo, "Final Girl" is a term given to the horror movie trope of leaving one surviving cast member, usually a young woman, to face off with whatever evil is at hand all alone.

Now, Betty Cooper will embody the trope of the Final Girl in her own anthology one-shot, anchoring a series of stories each featuring a different woman from Riverdale including 'Be Mine or Die' by Casey Gilley and Natalie Nardozza, and 'Melody's Next' by Sam Maggs and Carola Borelli.

The whole thing is wrapped in a Betty-centric framing story titled 'Rosemary's Babysitter,' from writer Micol Ostow and artist Laura Braga. The entire one-shot is colored by Matt Herms and lettered by Jack Morelli, with covers from Laura Braga and Megan Hutchison, seen here.

Betty: The Final Girl #1 cover art

(Image credit: Archie Comics)

"When Micol Ostow first pitched the idea of doing a 'final girl'-style story with Betty as the eponymous final girl, I was immediately interested; the idea of a ‘final girl’ is so synonymous with horror that it would be silly NOT to do it," states Archie Comics senior director of editorial Jamie L. Rotante. "Every good teen/college horror flick utilizes that idea, so fitting it into the Archie universe was a lay-up." 

"In keeping with our practice of horror anthologies, we also wanted to have there be more than one ‘final girl,’ so, the final girls of Betty, Brigitte, and Melody all came into play!" she concludes.

Betty: The Final Girl #1 goes on sale February 15.

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