Doc Ock has taken over the bodies of J. Jonah Jameson, Aunt May, and nearly everyone Peter Parker cares about in Superior Spider-Man #8

Superior Spider-Man #8
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The return of the Superior Spider-Man reaches its conclusion in Superior Spider-Man #8, with the final showdown between Peter Parker and Otto Octavius, who has used his mind transfer technology to mentally dominate people all through Peter's life.

With Peter nearly on his own against the so-called "Superior Spider-Colony," he's got his hands full dealing with J. Jonah Jameson, who has a pair of Otto's old arms, in addition to being mind-controlled, as well as Aunt May, and Robbie Robertson, all of whom are trying to turn Peter into another Superior Spider-Man.

We've got an early preview of pages from Superior Spider-Man #8 by writer Dan Slott, artist Mark Bagley, inker John Dell, colorist Edgar Delgado, and letterer Joe Caramanga, in which Peter comes face-to-face with his friends turned superior foes.

Check it out:

"SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN NO MORE! This issue contains more Superior Spiders than you'd expect," reads Marvel's official description of Superior Spider-Man #8. "But by the end, only one Spider-Man will be left standing. Dan Slott and Mark Bagley's entire run from Spider-Man to Superior has led up to this!"

Dan Slott has written more issues of Spider-Man than anyone, including Spidey's co-creator Stan Lee. Slott and artist Ryan Stegman initially introduced the Superior Spider-Man back in 2015, with Doctor Octopus having taken over Peter Parker's body. Slott and artist Mark Bagley, who has his own long pedigree with the wall-crawler, have since brought back the concept of the Superior Spider-Man, culminating in the current limited series.

Superior Spider-Man #8 goes on sale June 26.

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