Vampire Miles Morales attacks Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum in Blood Hunt #3 preview

Blood Hunt #3
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Marvel's summer crossover Blood Hunt is now well underway, with surprise villain Blade leading an army of vampires to conquer the world, which has been plunged into impenetrable darkness. With two issues already out, the action is heating up, and we've got a preview of the next issue, Blood Hunt #3, which foretells dark tidings for none other than Miles Morales.

Miles was turned into a vampire by Blade off-panel in the first issue of Blood Hunt, and now his fate is coming to fruition as he takes on Vision, Tigra, Hunter's Moon, and their allies in the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Here's the gallery of interior pages by writer Jed MacKay, artist Pepe Larraz, color artist Marte Gracia, and letterer Cory Petit, which also feature Scarlet Witch confronting Blade about the events of the previous issue:

"NIGHT HAS FALLEN. WILL THE SUN RISE AGAIN? As the heroes rally at the Sanctum Sanctorum, they must first deal with a threat close to their hearts! And while they raise the torch of defiance, the new lord of the vampires enacts his dreaded scheme!"

Miles isn't the only Marvel A-lister to become a vampire since Blood Hunt started, with Doctor Strange also having been turned by Blade - though he has partially escaped his fate by separating his astral form and trapping his vampiric body in a magic ward with the help of his wife, Clea.

"When vampires are on the rampage, there's going to be plenty of claret spilled, both on the sides of the heroes and the villains!" MacKay told Newsarama before Blood Hunt started. "With Pepe Larraz being unleashed to run riot on the page, we're going to see our characters put in plenty of difficult positions."

Blood Hunt #3 goes on sale June 12.

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