Storm stands alone against Marvel's evil Superman in Avengers #18

Avengers #18 cover art by Joshua Cassara
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

This September, a current Avenger is leaving the team. The departure comes in Avengers #18, following the addition of Storm, formerly of the X-Men, to the team in August's Avengers #17. 

And judging by the looks of Joshua Cassara's just revealed cover for Avengers #18, Storm herself will be the last hero standing against Hyperion of the Squadron Supreme, who essentially has all the powers of Superman.

Check it out:

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

And here's Marvel's solicitation text for Avengers #18, by writer Jed MacKay and incoming series artist Valerio Schiti:

• New Avengers member STORM has joined the team just in time to deal with catastrophe…

• And she’ll need to call in other mutants to help against this world-ending threat!

• A who’s who of the Marvel Universe must unite against the supreme power of Hyperion!

• And someone steps OFF the Avengers…

Hyperion is a member of the alt-reality team the Squadron Supreme, who have been both heroes and villains over the years (most recently villains, in the 2021 Avengers crossover Heroes Reborn). A version of Hyperion from yet a different reality was an Avenger for several years starting in 2012.

As for who may be off the team, it's hard to say. Could Black Panther be moving on, with his ex-wife Storm joining the team? Or is Thor taking a sabbatical, since Storm's powers somewhat overlap with his own? Or perhaps a secret third option??

The current Avengers roster has been kept to a tight seven members. Led by Carol Danvers, the rest of the team includes Sam Wilson, Thor, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, and Iron Man, so the departure of a member, especially alongside the addition of another, marks a fairly sizable change in the roster.

Avengers #18 goes on sale September 18.

Storm is also getting her own solo title starting in October.

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