7 years since its last issue, the official Team Fortress 2 comic is back from the dead with a "completed script"

Team Fortress 2 comic
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The Team Fortress 2 comic is officially back with a seventh issue now in production, two Valve developers have confirmed.

It's somewhat ironic that it's the seventh issue that was seemingly paused at some point and is now being picked back up, because it's been a whopping seven years since the last Team Fortress 2 comic, titled 'The Naked and the Dead', was released.

Valve has yet to put out an official announcement or confirmation as a company, but two of the comic series' writers have casually confirmed that the seventh issue is still being worked on. Jay Pinkerton, a Valve writer since 2008 whose credits include Portal, Left 4 Dead, and Half-Life Alyx, wrote back to a fan to clarify that the comic is still in production and has a finished script.

"Just so you know, the same team that made the first six [Team Fortress 2 comics] have been working on and off on issue number seven for a while now," Pinkerton said. "The script is finished and it's being drawn as we speak. No promises when it will be released but it is being worked on."

The fan who received this email from Pinkerton had been asking for insight that might help along their own community-made Team Fortress 2 #7 comic, and Pinkerton added that the fan comic should continue if it's "something you're all passionate about doing," but nonetheless wanted to confirm that the official comic is still in the works.

Erik Wolpaw, who joined Valve back in 2004 and is now a part-time contractor, confirmed the authenticity of the email on Twitter, emphatically stating "Not a hoax!" and adding that the script is 184 pages and the book will have three variant covers.

"Jay [Pinkerton] and I are done with script (my proof: last page)(note: 184 script pages != 184 comic pages). If me and Pinkerton die in a writing accident, comic still comes out. If Heather and Maren die, though, you're screwed. Pray for them. 3 variant covers!" Attached to the tweet appears to be a blurred-out page from the script.

The Team Fortress 2 comics explore the events following Gray Mann's takeover of Mann Co. after the Robot War. Title and plot details about the seventh issue have yet to be revealed, and a release date has yet to be announced.

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