Comic-Con 09: Adrianne Palicki talks Red Dawn remake

Sitting down to chat Legion at Comic-Con, actress Adrianne Palicki was happy to also spill details on the soon-to-shoot Red Dawn remake.

"It's a very different movie," she says of the new take on the story. "it's actually completely different.

"I just saw the original Red Dawn (pictured below) for the first time a month ago. But after having read the script, it was such a completely different movie. It's more character driven and obviously the bad guys are different."

So what will be doing? "I play Toni, who was originally played by Jennifer Grey.

"She's the female lead. She's kind of a love interest for Jed and she's a very strong woman. She's a lot more developed than in the original."

Palicki is clearly excited to be starring in the movie alongside newly minted Thor Chris Helmsworth. But she's also in awe of those behind the camera, too.

"Tony Gilroy's writing the script - or rewriting it, which is amazing - and Dan Bradley, who was the second-unit director on the Bourne movies and Spider-Man is directing, and we're not going to have a second unit, he's going to everything and we're going to do all of our own action. It's going to be really fun.

I love doing action, I try to do my own stunts."

According to Palicki, the movie kicks off shooting in September and may find a birth on next summer's release schedule.